Homebrew Tracker: Bulldog Premium Bitter

A brief log of my first homebrewed beer - Bulldog Premium Bitter "4.2% ABV". 

Brew Details

Brew Date
9th March 2018
Starting Gravity
Final Gravity
Bottling Date (initial)
19th March 2018
Estimated ABV

I bottled the first batch after 10 days in the fermenting bucket into a set of 24 500ml PET bottles from Coopers. After this, approx. 10 litres remained in the bucket, which I bottled at a later time in two stages.

Initial batch of beer bottled using Coopers
500ml PET bottles.

Beer before carbonation.

Approaching the end of the fermentation.

I allowed the bottles to carbonate for two weeks before trying a full bottle.
Enjoying the finished product. (Two weeks post priming)